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Avon mega abseil challenge

June 3, 2017

Get ready for one of the biggest steps of your life, and a big adrenaline rush!  Stepping back out over the towering descent of the Avon Gorge – some 190 feet.  This will be a challenge to remember, and to be proud of!  We shall equip you properly, and make sure you are briefed and trained in how to safely make the descent to the bottom of the gorge.

Meeting mid morning in Avon Gorge, we Adventure Cafe will conduct a thorough briefing, get you equipped and suited in your safety harness and helmet.  You shall then conduct the initial ‘training’ abseil’ at a slightly lower level – to give you the opportunity to get the hang of things.  Then there will be time for a tea break, before we set off to the very top of the gorge, for the ‘big one’!  It’s certainly a long way down from here – and the abseil will take you quite a while to complete – with time to soak in your vertical surroundings.  Make sure someone has got the camera ready for this one.  Down on the ground you’re going to have quite a smile on your face, as the happy adrenaline feel takes over!

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For this event, you are required to make a registration fee payment of £39.  This may be paid directly to Adventure Cafe Ltd (over the phone by card, or by Bank Transfer).  You may then start your charity fundraising!


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