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Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.

Today, your gift will change Louis’ life.

Donate to Christmas Appeal

Thank you.

Meet Louis…

Even as a baby, Louis didn’t like being handled.  No affection.  No kiss goodnight. Louis is now 9 years old.  He spends most of his time alone, unable to understand friendships or the meaning of family life.  He has never been invited to a birthday party or gone to a friend’s house for tea.

Can you imagine living in a world that makes no sense?  A place full of things that makes you anxious and scared.  The world is a terrifying place for Louis whose stress and frustration sadly causes him to react with aggression.

Louis finds the world a frightening place. But he loves Christmas.

At Christmas time life seems a little more enjoyable for Louis.  He loves to gaze at the lights on the Christmas tree, admiring decorations he’s made.

This year, Louis was really excited to make a very special Christmas card for bibic called ‘Gifts’. He is fascinated about how many people will receive it and where they will live.

Louis recently put together his Christmas wish list.  He asked for a ruler and pencil.   That should be easy enough for Father Christmas!  bibic asked his mum, Leanne, what she would like for Christmas and she said, “I wish his aggressive behaviour would stop, it makes me so sad because I know how unbearable he finds life.”

With your help, bibic can support Leanne and Louis

With your help this Christmas, bibic therapists will do everything they can to lessen the anxiety Louis constantly experiences. Therapy will help him feel more relaxed in his environment and make life less stressful. In time, bibic hopes to be able to give Leanne her wish for Louis.

This Christmas, we stand together because children with disabilities or developmental difficulties deserve a rewarding life. We reach out to help mums like Leanne who are unable to cope, who cannot bear to watch their child struggle for one more day.

Your Christmas gift to charity this year will make a real and lasting difference to Louis and Leanne.

Your donation will improve a child’s life forever.

Thank you.

Donate to Christmas Appeal

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