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believe in bibic…

…Imagine living with disabilities and developmental difficulties, the profound impact not only for your child but for your entire family too…

As we all start to plan for Christmas we have, at the forefront of our minds, family. What presents do we buy, writing messages in their cards, the big lunch at home or away? Thoughts of; will it snow on Christmas day, decorations, the big food shop, cleaning the house, have we got enough money, nativity plays…

…Imagine living in a world that makes no sense, where everyday things many take for granted make you feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious…

Can you imagine what life would be like if it was your child?  To watch as they struggle with the simplest of tasks, getting frustrated, anxious and upset

…Imagine not being able to make your child smile, looking into their eyes and seeing no connection, no hugs or cuddles…

This is an everyday reality for some families made even more difficult over the Christmas period.

…believe in bibic…

Over the past 47 years, public support, compassion and commitment, has helped over 15,000 children to overcome their difficulties.

…believe in bibic…

Children that barely smiled, now giggle, who once sat alone, now play with others and whose attainment was low is now greatly improved.

…believe in bibic…

Many children who had limited prospects are now in employment and others have been to university, citing bibic as the reason for their achievements.

…believe in bibic…

bibic changes family’s lives, empowers parents and children, provides a lifeline when local authorities can’t help, supports the whole family, and gives understanding to children and parents. One child said “I enjoyed bibic because somehow the people knew exactly what I needed”

…Do you believe in bibic?

We would love your support this Christmas so that we can help more children reach their full potential in life, so that families can enjoy their time together.

Here are a few fundraising ideas that your colleagues and friends might like to get involved in for bibic;



If you or your business, school or organisation would like to donate you can do in several ways;

– Through our website 

– By Bank (BACS); Contact the team at bibic for bank details

– By cheque made payable to ‘bibic’

– Cash (please do not send through the post)


…for local businesses

– Money in lieu of Christmas cards

– Hold a mince pie baking competition

– Festive jumper day

– Festive dress down day

– Organise a staff quiz event (we have a guide on how to organise one)

– Donate their pay for the last hour they work before Christmas

– Pledge to hold two fundraisers for bibic in 2020 or make us your charity of the year


…for Home, Schools, Community Groups and Associations;

– Money in lieu of Christmas cards

– Hold a Christmas coffee morning

– Have a festive jumper day at School

– Ask for money to be donated to bibic instead of Christmas presents

– Run a festive car wash

– Hold a Christmas party

– Organise a quiz event (we have a guide on how to organise one)

– Pledge to hold two fundraisers for bibic in 2020 or make us your charity of the year


We hope your busy days leading up to Christmas are enjoyable, bearable and believable.


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