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Changing Lives magazine

Catch up on the latest news and stories from the children, families and staff at bibic here.

Changing Lives 2019Changing Lives 2018

Read about the lives of Ben, Edward and Paul, and how visiting bibic in their childhood has had a positive impact on their lives now that they are adults.



Changing Lives 2017

Meet James and Emilia, and find out how their live were changed by a selfless Gift in a Will, and much more…

Changing Lives 2016

Read Emma’s life changing story as a bibic parent and how her experiences lead her to become our newest therapist, and find out about what has been happening at bibic in the past year.

Changing Lives 2015

 Changing Lives 2015

Find out more about the work bibic does, how our therapists have helped children like Lewis and what you can do to help in our first edition of Changing Lives.


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