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Christmas Appeal 2020

With the second lockdown underway we believe it is not too early to launch our annual Christmas appeal, we all need something festive and something full of hope.

We have written to over 50 local businesses, 800 bibic supporters and 400 families, who have used our services in the last few year, with details of the appeal and these will start to arrive through doors week commencing November 9th – if you would like a copy please contact at fundraising@bibic.org.uk

We have also created a JustGiving page for lovely people to donate to and also to see our fundraising progress towards our £10,000 goal

Each year we feature a child who has used the services of bibic and we write a story all about them. This year it is our superstar Zayne who is 5 years old and he brings attention to hidden disabilities.

In most cases Zayne seems like the kid next door but every so often he appears to behave naughtily, becomes very demanding or doesn’t do as he is told. We know the real Zayne as being a lively and determined young chap who has Autism and following his visit to bibic he, with his families help, follows a set of strategies which help him lead a full life both at home and at school.

Zayne’s mum says this is like a miracle  and she can’t thank bibic and its supporters enough – that is the difference your donation can make for Zayne and many more children like him.

Click here to go to the Christmas Appeal page

Click here to be taken directly to the Donate now page

Please don’t miss this opportunity to support bibic, a small national charity based in Somerset, which uses all the donated monies to help 100’s of children every year. When COVID restrictions are fully lifted we would be only too delighted to show visitors exactly where the donations are put to good use.

Thank you.

Andy Hirst – Fundraising Manager



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