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Dyslexia is not a barrier

October 7, 2021 / All Events

“Growing up I struggled keeping up with my peers when it came to reading and spelling, always getting my B’s and D’s mixed up, forgetting punctuation and I didn’t always feel confident when I was asked to read something out loud in front of the class.

My favourite kind of books growing up were the Dr Seuss books, but I always got so frustrated when reading them, as non-sense words like ‘Gluppity-glup’ and ‘Jertain’, were very difficult to un-pick.

I didn’t receive a diagnosis for my Dyslexia until I reached university, and this is when I really realised what support I had missed out on during my school years. Although I had extra time in my exams, I would have benefited hugely from receiving support, like I had at university.

As part of my job, I read and write many reports and have found that I find it so much easier with things printed out. I have had the privilege of having an Irlen assessment completed by Jess, one of the Developmental Therapists at bibic, and found this has made a huge improvement to my reading time, no more losing my place or words jumping around the page.

I have learnt that Dyslexia is not a barrier and I always look at it as a positive, I enjoy being creative and find ways of bringing my creativity into the work I do, using colours and images where I can.

I am proud to say that I have graduated university and have started on my journey to completing my masters and a new role of becoming a Developmental Therapist myself. My Dyslexia has not held me back.

My advice to anyone who is struggling, would be to keep pushing forward, look into Dyslexia screeners and find ways of bringing the things you enjoy into the areas of difficulty.”

Here at bibic, if we know you have concerns your child may be struggling with Dyslexia, we can complete a Dyslexia assessment as part of our 2 day full bibic assessment – enquire about your child today.

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