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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas that make a big difference

Virtual Fundraising

We are living in fast changing times and COVID19 put a stop to many fundraising events. But, we adapt and create new ways of raising money, whether it is being part of a 5k run where you run in Somerset and your mates run in Scunthorpe and Swansea or an online quiz night with contestants all over the country.

We have developed a guide to Virtual Events for bibic which we hope will help you come up with an idea and then take that idea right through to the event day itself.

Here are just a few ideas;

Virtual Pub Quiz +

Alright, so you have all done quizzes Via zoom, Facebook, or Teams so it is time to ramp it up a bit. Participants pay a modest fee to attend and the number of participants will depend on how many your internet can cope with.

Take the usual format for a quiz but add in rounds like –

  • Go fetch e.g., something round and something yellow. First one back wins the points
  • Who is (your boss?) – Photoshop your bosses head and place him or her onto the body of a famous person
  •  Whose brand is this – show bits of a brand without the name

Virtual 5K

Participants can run, walk, crawl, swim, or cycle (the distance could be altered if required).

There is no limit to participants, children can take part but must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

All events must take part over one specific weekend but not necessarily at the same time.

Participants will need to have a measurement of distance as proof of taking part and achieving their goal – Apple Health Monitor, Strava or similar are great. A screen shot of the achievement can then be published by the participant on the social media and on the joint JustGiving page.

Virtual Gaming event

Play on your own or part of a network of gamers, maybe alternate and play for 12-24 hours nonstop. You could organise a carefully monitored children’s version of this, but we believe the event is better for people over 18.

Players pay a modest entry fee via the event JustGiving page and can get sponsored for taking part in a marathon event and there could be prizes for those that win. If the event is being streamed live, then supporters can donate for a specific player to encourage them.

Virtual Movember challenge

Start during August and finish end of November – Grow the best handlebar moustache or the longest beard (make up your own categories). No limit to the number of competitors

One JustGiving page with all the contestants – photographs of smooth faced gents before and then hairy, during and afterwards. Get competitive as ‘every hair counts’ and this will raise more money. Show regular updates on social media and maybe hold an office sweepstake. Get your local barbers to sponsor you, you can place their logo on the JustGiving page.

Back in the face to face world

We would love to talk to you abut fundraising for bibic, maybe we could come to you and give a talk. Please give us a ring if you;

– are part of a community group or club that would like to help children like Mia and Freddie live a fulfilling life.

– belong to guides, brownies, scouts, beavers, a church group, W.I, young farmers’ society, rotary club or NCS youth group.

– are an individual that loves a challenge or to organise events and give your valuable time to a great cause.

– are a member of a golf club or a bowls club looking for a charity of the year.

We would love you to raise money for us and our friendly team are on hand with advice and materials to get you started.

Bake a difference!

We were thrilled to have the support of the nation’s favourite baking nana, Val Stones from TV’s Great British Bake Off, who with former contestant Louise Williams hosted a showstopping bake off fundraiser for us in Sherborne, Dorset.

Fancy getting your bake on for bibic? Click here to get involved and sign up for 2020-21! It’s a piece of cake…

Hold a bibic quiz night!

Can you get a group of friends, colleagues of local businesses together and hold a quiz night, but not sure how to? The ‘bibic Quiz Night’ pack will give you all the information you need to hold a battle of the brains. Download the pack and let us know if you would like to support us with a bibic Quiz Night 

We can also send you a set of prepared questions and answers and sheets for participants or teams to write their answers on! You can either have individual entrants, form teams, hold the quiz at home, at the pub or at work – just get those brain cells working for bibic!

Activities and ideas for raising money

There are so many easy ways to have fun and support a cause you care about:

  • Battle of the bands/ comedy night
  • Five-a-side football tournaments
  • Mufti days at school / Wear purple for bibic
  • Sponsored silence/silent auction
  • Community car wash
  • Community events / family fun day

Or, why not surprise us with your very own creative fundraising ideas?


Remember, we’re with you every step of the way and our friendly fundraising team will be happy to help you with ideas, fundraising materials, t-shirts and set up an online fundraising page if you need it. Please email: fundraising@bibic.org.uk or call 01458 253344. We’d love to hear from you.

Collection boxes & pots

We’d love you to choose bibic as your charity in your shop, restaurant or café. Or have your support at an event. To order a bibic collection box or pot, please email: fundraising@bibic.org.uk or call 01458 253344. Thank you.

Other ways to raise money

There are so many exciting ways to partner with bibic and change young lives forever. Visit our challenges and events page to sign up for exciting, adrenaline-fuelled adventures.

Companies and businesses can make a huge difference to us. Why not make bibic your Charity of the Year? Find out more about the benefits of a charitable partnership with bibic here.

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