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Impact reports

Our impact reports aim to show how we are continually changing children’s lives.

Generated quarterly with a six month and yearly overview, they show how we have performed against our own standards and measure the impact our service has had on the children, young people and families that visit bibic from enquiry to assessment through to post-assessment.

The reports also show the positive impact and benefit of the training and seminars we deliver to carers, parents, teachers and service providers.

Measuring the impact we have on the lives of the children, young people that visit us is vital as it allows past, current and future families see what we do and what they can expect from us. It also shows our supporters the amazing effect their donations have and how their support is changing children’s lives.

bibic impact report 2018-2019

bibic Impact Report 2018-2019

bibic impact report 17-18

bibic Impact Report 2017-2018

bibic Impact Report 2016 -2017

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