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Langport Connect chooses bibic as it’s charity of the year

June 23, 2020 / All Events

Langport Connect has chosen bibic as their Charity of the Year

Langport Connect is a professional networking group for local businesses led by Yvonne Vigar from Astara Consulting. It is a friendly, and supportive group with a wide range of members from across Somerset and beyond.

It is the networks aim to promote local businesses and provide support to its members by sharing learning and development opportunities; and by encouraging referrals and collaboration between businesses.

The group has been running for nearly two years and were delighted when bibic decided to join the meetings, as not only is it a charity based in Langport; but it does wonderful work with its clients and is a much valued service locally and beyond.

When Coronavirus hit, Langport Connect recognised that many of its members were affected; with many businesses not being able to operate in their usual way; and for some, it meant not being able to deliver at all. Therefore, as a networking group, it has sought to find new ways to support members to help their businesses survive this difficult time, and beyond.  It was recognised that this had also had a big impact on fundraising activities and so as a group wanted to help and decided to make bibic it’s Charity of the Year.

In partnership with David Holmes from Hurds Hill in Langport (where the networking meetings are held), Yvonne is seeking opportunities to run events that can help fundraise for bibic.  The first event is planned to be an open gardens event hosted by David Holmes where all members of Langport Connect, and other businesses in the Langport area, will be invited to attend.

Yvonne said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the wonderful businesses we have the in area, as well as supporting a charity that is close to our hearts. We really look forward to working with bibic over the next year to see how we can assist to raise awareness of their charity, and support them with fundraising at this difficult time.”

Andy Hirst, General Fundraising and Marketing Officer for bibic is delighted that Langport Connect has chosen bibic as it’s charity “This is a fantastic opportunity for the charity to develop great relationships within it’s local area and of course, raise some vital funds. There are a lot of great businesses near to our doorstep and we hope we can grow by working together”

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