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Living with Cerebral Palsy – Rays story

January 18, 2022 / All Events

“Ray was only 7 months old when his grandad noticed that he wasn’t using his right arm. We became so frantic with worry that we ended up taking him to A&E where a sympathetic paediatrician informed us our beautiful little boy had Cerebral Palsy. It was a devastating diagnosis as we had no idea how it would affect Ray – he was so young.

We wanted to do something to help him. We read books and went online. There was so much information it was overwhelming. Our health visitor recommended taking Ray to bibic and so we booked him in for an assessment as soon as we could.

Ray’s Journey with bibic…

When we arrived at bibic we instantly felt welcome and reassured. One of the therapists explained Ray had hemiplegia which means his brain is injured on one side, similar to a stroke. We were given physical exercises to do every day with Ray to give him the best chance to develop. We were reassured that starting early we were doing our best.

Ray came on very quickly. Soon after our first visit Ray sat up and started bum shuffling around. He got up and walked before he was 18 months old! I’ll never forget the reaction of the therapists when Ray walked into bibic by himself, it was wonderful. Each time we took Ray to bibic they would spend a day assessing his abilities and identifying areas where he was struggling and then giving us a plan to help improve those areas.

Over time these issues changed from physical problems to other issues like speech, social skills and learning. Each time we would see dramatic improvements. We were always given very clear written instructions to take away on how to help which were absolutely essential as there is so much to take in. Ray always loved his bibic visits, they made the sessions fun with lots of sensory play breaks. Ray would love to show off his newly learned skills each time. They were very positive experiences for Ray and for us as a whole family.

Life for Ray Now…

Ray is 10 years old now and is a very bright and active boy. He loves to read and write. He loves football, swimming and is brilliant at netball. As he’s grown up his brain injury has thrown new challenges at him and us. We still use the techniques we learnt at bibic to help Ray cope with everyday life. He loves the visual timetable that bibic showed us. He loves routine and knowing what will happen and what time each day, so the visual reminder really eases his anxiety.

Ray can’t wait to come back into bibic again to show off how much he can do and how much he’s grown. He recently went on a two-night school residential trip where he took on all the physical challenges presented to him. The instructors were so impressed with Rays sheer determination to try all the activities, he never ceases to amaze the adults who work with him. It was nerve wreaking for us as parents to let him go but he proved us completely wrong – amazing!

We can’t thank bibic enough for all the support they’ve given Ray and our family over the years. I don’t know where we would be without their help. They really do help families like mine navigate through the most difficult times.”

-Ray’s mum

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