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Martha’s Magnificent Swimathon

July 7, 2020 / All Events

Swimathon raises over £5,000 for bibic!

Louise Butcher and family decided to splash out and did a 12-hour non-stop swimathon to raise funds for bibic.

Louise was the main organiser and explains why they chose bibic;

“Martha our cousin is 5 years old and she was born with a rare condition called Jacobsen syndrome. This means she has lots of complex need’s with eating, talking, walking, blood clotting and lots more. So, this makes things difficult for not just Martha, but her sister Ivy and her parents Laura and James. bibic have helped support Martha and her family by helping her development and doing some of the simple things that we take for granted.

Martha is very happy and smiley and we love her lots. This made us think why don’t we support one of the charities that help her be as happy as she is, so we chose bibic”.

The team decided to do a non-stop 12-hour swim on Saturday 15th August. The whole family, who are aged 3 to 73, took part and they swam from 6.30am to 6.30pm. Their goal was to raise money for bibic through JustGiving and having set a very reasonable target of £500 it soon became evident that they were going to exceed this very quickly”. This is Louise’s Auntie Laura’s story when Martha was 2 in the bibic Changing Lives magazine

Louise Butcher went on to say “I’m so pleased that’s it’s going to you guys and all the brilliant things you do. I can’t begin to tell you the positive change in my brother and sister in law let alone Martha having been to bibic. My neighbour’s daughter has also been. Times are tough at the moment so I hope this can help even if just a little”.

General fundraising and Marketing Coordinator Andy Hirst says “We are so grateful for the families support for bibic and I know how much effort goes into organising an event like this. It fills us with so much joy, and gives us the confidence to help many more children, when we see Martha taking part (pictured). This kind of support typifies the love and support that exists within the bibic family and we really appreciate every penny of the massive £5,000 raised”

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