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Myla’s 5k for bibic – updated

May 22, 2020 / All Events

Update – Sam raised an incredible £1,933 for bibic and is already planning to make it an annual event! Thank you so much Sam from all at bibic!

Sam Roberts is not only taking part in a 5k for bibic he is actively encouraging others to do it as well. Only a few days in and he has raised over £400 for the event which takes place on the 6th and 7th June 2020!

Pop on over to his JustGiving page and give him your support.

Sam and Myla’s story

A little over a year ago we received the life changing news that our daughter Myla has an issue with her brain that will severely restrict her development in all key areas of everyday life such as, communication and language development, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, mathematics, literacy, understanding the world and also expressing herself through art and design. These are the seven key areas of a child’s development and in cases such as Myla’s this is classed as a global developmental delay.

It has taken until now to be able to write or begin to talk about the affects this can have on not just on the child but the parents/siblings to. When we heard the news as sad as it sounds it was like the daughter we planned for and imagined growing up had died. We entered bizarre stage of grief/general internal turmoil leading to bouts off depression and overall feeling totally mixed up. It is a difficult situation as you start to realise how different life is going to be. This realisation part never stops. Everyday something new appears to remind you, sometimes in the most subtle ways. The sadness doesn’t go, but the acceptance begins to grow.

With acceptance comes peace and with peace comes clarity. Being able to see things a little more clearly, I have learnt that before this I had no idea about the issues affecting brain injured children. Myla is always happy and smiling and we love her immensely she will always be looked after to the best of our abilities and we will do everything we can for her. On top of that I feel also that to raise some funds/awareness for bibic to continue their fantastic work supporting families in similar situations. Also to raise more awareness of these life altering conditions some children are living with everyday.

Charities like bibic really do help and they work really hard to give support and help not only to the children but also to the families that are affected by this type of issue. They have inspired me to take a little of my time and try to give something back to them. This is why I need as many people as possible to enter the 5k and raise what they can for this great cause.

The plan is easy, if you want to take part all you have to do is, Share the event as we want to reach out to as many people as possible. Get sponsored/donate with family or friends then complete the 5k by any means necessary! Take a selfie or screenshot of your 5k to upload to here or to the Facebook event. There will be a prize for the fastest runner.. Thank you if you feel the urge to get involved and thanks for reading my story and hopefully supporting me!

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