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Digital Services

Digital Services

We offer a range of digital services from our full 2-day bibic assessment to screeners, shorter assessments and consultations.

Please contact us to discuss the best option for you and pricing, and scroll down to see our Decision map for extra help too.

Digital Consultations:

We offer a one-to-one video conference service for parents who would like to discuss specific issues or need support more generally.

This is both for children who have already been assessed and seen by bibic therapists as well as for new families who need one-off or on-going support and coping strategies.

We offer this services as a weekly, monthly or ad hoc service.

Post Diagnosis Support Sessions

This is designed for children and young people who already have a diagnosis and who require support strategies from our Therapists.

Sessions usually last around 1 hour 30 minutes.

We offer this service as a weekly, monthly or ad hoc service.

We look to support with specific strategies for the core needs and tips for coping with children and young people at home and in the learning environment.

We also offer a Summary report as part of this service

Behaviour Assessment:

The bibic therapist will assess the child through parental input and observations as well as screeners – either ASD and sensory or ADHD and sensory.

This takes approximately 3 hours and the family will be provided with individualised strategies and a behavioural report.

Please note the screener selected by the therapist will be at their discretion and based on professional judgement after the history element of the assessment.

Wellbeing Assessment:

A more holistic service, the bibic therapist will take a full history and parental observations as well as reports from the child. A BECK Youth Inventory or SIPS, depending on age, will be completed with the child, which are standardised screeners that asses self-concept, anxiety, depression, anger and disruptive behaviours.

This takes approximately 2 hours 30 mins and the therapist will provide strategies and a wellbeing report.

Developmental Screener for under 5’s:

The bibic therapist will assess development through parental observations and an Early Year’s Developmental Journal will be completed with the parents. Developmental strategies and a bespoke report will be created and sent via email.

This takes approximately 3 hours 15 mins.

Sensory Assessment:

Our bibic therapist will complete a detailed history, parental observations and sensory profile and then provide a full sensory programme, sensory strategies and sensory report.

This takes approximately 2 hours 30 mins.

Digital Screeners:

Our bibic therapist can carry out screening tests for Autism, Sensory Processing, ADHD, and Dyspraxia.

This generally takes between 1 hour 30 mins – 2 hours 30 mins and will include practical strategies and a summary report.

Full bibic Assessment 

A digital version of our bibic assessment, which takes 1.5 – 2 days, and includes 6 months of bibic key working and support.

  • Day 1 – History and parental observations are taken, along with a selection of tests to best suit the child’s particular needs. These could include checking underlying ability, language, processing, working memory, visual perception, dyslexia, ASD, ADHD, sensory screeners and movement screeners.
  • Day 2 – Feedback from all the tests given, as well as how the results directly explain your child’s difficulties. Our bespoke therapy plan, which includes strategies and techniques,  will then be taught for the rest of the day.
  • You’ll receive a therapy plan detailing these strategies and any relevant handouts.
  • Within 2-4 weeks you’ll receive a full bibic report.

Here are some comments from a parent who has just used the services (click here Digital services parent testimony to read the whole story);

bibic’s digital assessment was very much needed by us. Even though it was remote, we did not feel any less engaged and it did not change the quality of the experience. We were still able to communicate our concerns;  carrying out the developmental tests and screeners was surprisingly easy.

Decisions map

Deciding what is right can be difficult and confusing, our therapy team have put together a useful map to navigate toward making the correct digital service for your child. You can download and print a copy Decision map or click on the image below to enlarge;

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