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Amelia’s Story

Our lovely Amelia is now 11 years old. She has Dyspraxia and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. She wasn’t fully understood in primary school, so we visited bibic in the summer holidays. We wanted someone to assess all of Amelia’s needs in order to gain more understanding for us and for school.

The assessment at bibic was very relaxed, yet thorough. The therapists were able to spend time with us and Amelia enjoyed being there and said she felt listened to and understood by someone other than us for the first time! We felt really cared for.

“she felt listened to and understood by someone”

The assessment also showed that Amelia has some issues with auditory processing and possibly some traits of autism.

Amelia’s secondary school took on board everything bibic suggested to make learning easier and she feels much better in herself now. We have also started to do the home therapy suggestions and they have made such a positive difference to Amelia’s life.

bibic are an amazing team of people who clearly love what they do and care about the children. They really have changed our lives!

Thank you!

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