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Stroke Awareness Month 2016 – Grace’s Story

May 18, 2016 / All Events

When Grace was only 2 ½ years old she had a stroke.

Grace had a severe case of chicken pox at 6 months old, and from then on she had illness after illness, not going more than 2 weeks without a cold, sickness bug or a temperature. After 2 years of problems Polly, Grace’s Mum, finally got a Paediatrician appointment.

Two days before the appointment Grace’s face dropped whilst in the bath and she was rushed to hospital where Polly was told she had suffered a stroke. The doctors also found evidence of brain damage from a previous stroke that Grace had at 6 months old.

Doctors have been unable to find the cause of Grace’s strokes; she takes aspirin daily to thin her blood, reducing the risk of her having another.

As a result of the strokes Grace’s development was affected, being very slow to develop new skills. Her speech and communication skills were also affected and she had to use a dummy to help rebuild her facial muscles.

The main areas of difficulty for Grace are understanding what is said to her and what she has heard which affects her ability to remember processes and instructions. With bibic’s help she has made great progress remembering more; she can remember when she needs to take in her P.E kit, reading book and do her homework.

Grace is doing well at school and getting ready to start secondary school in September!

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