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Trusts & Foundations

Working with Trusts and Foundations to achieve more

Helping secure brighter futures for families and their children

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the trusts and foundations that have supported our service changing the lives of thousands of children and their families. We do not receive any government funding so your contributions are essential in helping us to cover the running costs of our key services, deliver specific initiatives and expand our reach.

Making every penny work hard

Our dedicated Trusts fundraising team actively applies to charitable trusts and welcomes grants of any size. We are currently focusing on raising funds to support the following activities:

  • Continue our therapy services. Help us to continue to provide assessments and therapeutic strategies to children with disabilities and developmental difficulties.
  • Provide salaries for our therapy staff. They are the glue that holds everyone together so it is vital that we ensure that they have a secure future at bibic.
  • Run our telephone support and advice line. Ensure that parents and teachers who are facing a crisis with a child can get support straight away.
  • Take our therapists to where there is a need. Help us to run outreach clinics so our therapists can help children who cannot get to our centre in Langport, Somerset.
  • Support more schools. Through your assistance, we can help teaching staff to feel more empowered to act positively to support children with challenging behaviour.
  • Upgrade our sensory rooms. Work with us to create spaces where children can go to feel safe and remain content during the challenging assessment process.

Partnering with us; our commitment to you

We are committed to working in partnership with trusts and foundations, ensuring that your donation will reflect the aims and objectives of your trust. Our regular reports summarising information from our extensive monitoring system will highlight the inspirational stories of the lives that you have changed with your donation. Trusts are always welcome to visit us to see at first hand the great work that our therapists do.

Thank you to the following trust and grant providers for helping us achieve more…








The Jemima Layzell Trust
































How to support us

To be part of bibic’s life-changing future, please email trusts@bibic.org.uk or call 01458 253344.


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