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The Summer Appeal 2021

Thank you so much for supporting bibic whether it be financially, through fundraising events, following us on social media or recommending our services to others. Or maybe this is your first time, if so, welcome!

We were all incredibly grateful and hugely encouraged by the generosity for our Christmas Appeal and we are now able and confident to make plans to take the charity forward in 2021.

The recent lockdown has clearly had a profound effect on families whose children are displaying uncharacteristic and often disruptive behaviour. Inquiries about our services are up a massive 60% and we are seeing an increasing waiting list.

To meet this demand and help more children, we need more space. An opportunity has arisen for us to move across the courtyard to a bigger building which will have mixed ability access therapy rooms, a new look sensory room and more space for families.

At present the two floors are empty shells and this is why we are asking for your kind support. This is an exciting opportunity to shape our services and we are calling to everyone to donate money, time and materials towards building rooms which will transform children’s lives and strengthen family relationships.

The more we raise, the more we can build, the more we can add to the project and the more we can personalise things for the greatest impact on a child’s life.

The difference the new building will make to even more parents lives is huge, recent internal research showed that after an assessment at bibic 77% felt more confident in their ability to manage their child’s behaviour and 69% said that their bibic report helped them to access other services.

Your kind donation will enable us to develop this bigger space so we can support more families. Any money raised in excess of the cost of the project will be spent on providing assessments, therapy and support for families with our usual care, love and understanding


Your donation, however big or small, helps to provide a lifeline. From a box of screws, door handles and a kettle through to insulated stud walls, carpets and paint. 

Recollections of bibic Therapists

We often publish quotes from families who have experienced our services, telling stories of how the help they received has made a huge difference to their child’s life. This time, however, we asked our therapists to recall one of the many children that has had a real impact on them.

The recollections show the depth of help bibic provides, the love and care our therapists share with the child and the appreciation for the money you kindly donate.

Click on each child’s name to read the whole story…

Chelsey recalls her meeting with 10 year old Milo and his supportive family.

Claire recalls her first meeting with 5 year old Noah and how what a happy boy he was.

Jess recalls her excitement over the progress Keyan has made since his assessment.

Jessica recalls how her assessment with Eve worked better across at the park.

Tabby recalls how the help the assessment gave Ruby meant she has started giving her family hugs.


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