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Gifts in wills

Don’t underestimate how important your support is.

Because bibic is a small charity, just one gift in a will can make a huge impact on so many lives.

Please watch our short video to see how your gift will make a difference…

Why bibic needs gifts in wills

Sadly, disability is poorly funded in the UK.  Consequently, less than 8% of disabled children receive a regular support service of any kind from their local authority*.

100% of families saying that bibic provided the help, support and guidance they needed for their child.  For that reason, you can be confident that bibic uses your donations to make the biggest impact**.

bibic receives no funding from the government to provide its life-changing service, therefore we have relied on public donations and gifts in wills for over 45 years.

how to leave a gift bibic

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* Papworth Trust 2016
** bibic stress questionnaire statistics
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