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Providing support for Schools and Education

The key purpose of bibic is to ensure that children and young adults with learning difficulties or disabilities can reach their potential. We believe that working together with schools and professionals, the family and young person provides the best chance of achieving that goal.

bibic has more than 50 years of experience as a service provider. As a result of this, we have become skilled in providing bespoke services for local authorities, schools and other organisations. These services include therapy packages for children and young adults along with training and seminars for professionals and parents.

How we support schools and their pupils

We support young people with or without a diagnosis, with a wide range of special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities.  These include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and many more.

Focusing on the whole young person; we have a team with a diverse range of skills.  This enables us to look holistically at what is happening with each individual.  We are complementary to both the mainstream health and education systems. The information we provide may support with the development of an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) if required.

Common reasons for a young person to have a bibic school assessment include:

  • Struggling to maintain attention and focus
  • Problems with behaviour
  • Finding it hard to follow instructions or plan work
  • Feeling socially anxious
  • Difficulties with fine and gross motor skills

Achieve more with bibic

Following the assessment, the developmental therapy plan bibic provides to both the school and family has a life-changing, positive impact:

  • Skills learnt can compliment existing strategies in place

  • Teachers and classmates see positive results in the classroom

  • Relationships are saved

  • Parents and teachers are equipped with skills and knowledge to help the child cope better both at home and at school

  • Skills learnt are transferable to other young people

  • Our strategies are designed around the school and the young person, meaning they are easy to implement and work with what you have

Assess, identify and support

At bibic, we identify a young person’s specific areas of difficulty and need as well as their areas of strength. 

We do this by observing and assessing their behaviour, cognitive skills, language and communication, social-emotional skills, gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills.

The cost of our service to schools varies as we provide a bespoke plan depending on need.

Typically, our approach may include:

  • Screening tools

  • Observations in the school environment

  • Recognised and standardised tests to tailor strategies

Training and services

bibic also offers bespoke CPD certified training sessions to schools, delivered by our experienced therapists.

The training will empower you and your team, giving you support, strategies and confidence to help individuals with neurological or developmental difficulties.

This training can be tailored to your needs or based around the following:

  • Visual processing and Irlen
  • Language development
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Working memory and processing
  • Profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • Managing extreme behaviour
  • Encouraging childhood independence
  • Social and emotional development including managing anxiety
  • ASD related behaviours and de-escalation
  • Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia

“bibic assessments offer us an invaluable different perspective.  Therefore, they provide us with strategies and approaches that enable us to get the very best from our students, both educationally and emotionally, and give them the chance to fulfil their true potential.”

– New Fosseway School, Bristol

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