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Gifts in wills

Please don’t underestimate the difference this will make.

Why choose bibic to leave a gift in your will to

Because bibic is a small charity, just one gift in a will can make a huge impact on so many lives.

Leaving a gift in your Will is a lovely way to make a difference to children in the future and enable them to reach their full potential despite their difficulties.

A gift in your Will, would leave something behind for families that need bibic to advise them how to look after and help a child with a learning difficulty or disability. To help them walk, talk, smile, laugh and cuddle their way to adulthood.

Your Will is one of the most important things you’ll ever write as it ensures your family, friends and favourite causes receive what you want from your Estate. As life continues and changes it is also important to review your Will and make sure your wishes are updated.

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Why bibic needs gifts in wills

Sadly, disability is poorly funded in the UK.  Consequently, less than 8% of disabled children receive a regular support service of any kind from their local authority *.

100% of families say that bibic provided the help, support and guidance they needed for their child.  For that reason, you can be confident that bibic will use your donation to make the biggest impact**.

bibic receives no funding from the government to provide its life-changing service, therefore we have relied on public donations and legacy gifts to charity for over 48 years.

How to leave bibic a gift in your will

Whether you have a will already, or you’re planning to write your first will, it really isn’t hard to do.  It’s best to visit a solicitor, below you will find the wording they need to use:

How to make gifts in wills

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about leaving a legacy and making a gift in your will we would love to hear from you.  Perhaps you’d like to visit bibic and see for yourself just how important your gift could be?  Please get in touch and we can arrange a date.

Jennie Jagger – Head of Fundraising and Marketing

01458 253344


Our legacy promise

When you include a gift in your will to bibic:

  • We will use your gift wisely and effectively to bring happiness and fulfilment to children with disabilities
  • Your loved ones come first – we respect that and won’t try to change it
  • We will answer questions honestly and quickly
  • We won’t put you under pressure – this is a big decision so please decide in your own time
  • You don’t have to tell us your decision – we respect your right to privacy
  • We welcome you to visit us to see our services first-hand – just get in touch
* Papworth Trust 2016
** bibic stress questionnaire statistics