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Family contribution announcement

As of 1st February 2024

After much careful consideration, and in order to continue to support families with our Developmental Therapy in the long term, our Board of Trustees has made the difficult decision to increase the percentage we ask families to contribute towards the cost of their assessment.

This will not affect any bookings made prior to 1st February 2024.

bibic receives no statutory funding and relies upon donations from Trusts, Foundations and corporate partners and the generosity of our supporters and the general public in order to operate and survive.

Despite rising costs and other external financial impacts, bibic has kept the cost to families the same for several years. However, given the current economic climate and the challenging fundraising landscape, we have made this decision in order to safeguard the long-term financial sustainability of the charity and enable us to help more families in the future. 

Please contact our Family Services team if you would like to discuss payment plans and other means of support.

Pip Buckley (she/her)


Spring Appeal 2024

Our services are funded by people and organisations who choose to donate to our cause. bibic does not receive any government funding and therefore relies on the generosity of its supporters to help continue providing crucial services to families nationwide.

Will you be the next person to join our family of supporters and together start changing the lives of children and young people in desperate need of our help? It is our belief that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and with just one donation. this wave of transformation can begin.

Every donation matters.

Every child and young adult deserves the best possible chance to reach their potential

bibic is a national charity based in Langport, Somerset. It delivers therapeutic programmes to children and young adults aged 6 months to 25 years. We support individuals with developmental and neurological disabilities and difficulties to achieve their potential and live happy and fulfilling lives. bibic sees them with or without diagnosis. We provide assessments and holistic, bespoke developmental therapy through working with our team of specialist Developmental Therapists.

Enabling independence, confidence and brighter futures

We empower parents and carers with the support and strategies they need to improve not only their young person’s life, but their family’s too. We help children and young adults understand their condition better and live more independent lives; they become more confident and look forward to the future because of bibic’s therapy programme; several have gone to university and many are in employment citing bibic as playing a key part in their progress.

I don’t let myself think about Mia’s future. It’s too hard. But, what I do wish for, is that Mia would smile more. She deserves to be happy. For the first time, I believe that she will be and that’s because of bibic.

– Mia’s Mum

Who we are…

We are a national charity supporting children or young adults with brain injuries, disabilities, neurological or developmental difficulties.

We are the only organisation in the UK providing bespoke and holistic therapy through sensory, cognitive, emotional, developmental and physical programmes that support an individuals specific needs.

We work closely with the family to develop a therapy plan to support the individual’s development, as well as strategies to support independence, communication and self-esteem.

Who we see…

Individuals we work with may have hidden, profound or multiple disabilities, including less understood conditions. These may include behavioural, sensory, developmental and communication difficulties.

We support individuals with neurological and developmental difficulties and disabilities. These conditions may include; Autism, Brain injury, Cerebral palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Down’s Syndrome, Sensory processing difficulties and many more.

How we help….

At bibic we look at the whole individual, rather than one specific area.

Our team of highly experienced Developmental Therapists provide assessments and design tailored therapy programmes for every child and family to help:

Children and young adults to manage their difficulties and to thrive in the world around them.

Parents and carers to understand their child’s behaviour and needs.

Teachers to support struggling children and young adults emotionally and educationally.

When asked, 96% of parents and carers agree or strongly agree that bibic has helped them better understand their child and their needs.

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