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Training Seminars

Book our latest training seminars

We have a number of training seminars and forums for parents and carers of children and young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities in 2022, ready to book now:

All of our seminars are CPD accredited.


Investigating Sensory Processing webinar

13th June – 4pm – 5:30pm

Do you want to learn more about Sensory Processing?

This seminar will look in depth at the 8 senses expanding on what each actually does and what happens when they don’t work effectively.

It will teach you what hyper and hypo sensitive looks like in each sense.

We then learn about sensory regulation, how to keep the senses regulated and how to gradually help to integrate the senses.

Sponsored by Five Education

Book your space for just £15!

Visual Processing webinar

28th June 2022 10am – 11:30am

Would you like to learn more about visual processing and Irlen Syndrome?

In this webinar you’ll learn:

What visual stress is

What Irlen Syndrome is and how it is mistaken for Dyslexia.

We will look at signs and symptoms and how to support children and young adults.

Difficulties with visual processing impacts, coordination, literacy and maths.

Book your space for just £15

Autism and Behaviour webinar

21st July 2022 10am – 11:30am

You will learn:

What Autism is

What it looks like in girls

The associated behaviours

Why these behaviours occur

How to support these behaviours.

We also look at behaviour in general and how to de-escalate situations.

Book your space for just £15!

About our seminars

Our experienced therapists deliver training seminars for parents, SEND teachers, specialists, local authorities, in fact anyone who wants to learn more about a specific subject relating to a young person’s learning difficulties and disabilities.

All seminars are fully accredited and are currently delivered online due to Covid-19, via Zoom. Details will be provided to prior to the event. None of our seminars are recorded and these are non-refundable.

Face to Face training will, on the whole, be delivered at local venues in Somerset. If you or your organisation wish to host a course in other areas of the country please contact us to discuss info@bibic.org.uk

All event bookings are via Eventbrite and booking is essential.

“It felt comfortable and informal, Chelsey clearly has a great deal of knowledge, fascinating to learn more – I could see several behaviours in my own children (and my husband and I when we talked about the adult behaviours!)”

“Being part of a small group – lots of opportunity to talk and discuss. The opportunity to discuss how needs can be further met within the classroom setting where possible – we have increasing numbers of young children presenting with significant sensory (and co-related) needs.”

*All photographs taken prior to COVID19
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