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Below you can find all of the services we offer, enquire today and we’ll help you find the right one.

Most of our assessments can be carried out face-to-face at our centre or digitally.

We provide a report of the outcome of the assessment within a 4-week period of the assessment being completed.

You will also receive the opportunity to stay in touch with your Therapist for an agreed time period after you have seen us.

Free Support & Advice Line

For immediate support and advice, call SAL

Full bibic assessment

Approx. duration 2 days

£ 650


Approx. duration 1hr 30 mins – 2 hrs 30 mins

£ 210

Sensory assessment

Approx. duration 2 hrs 30 mins

£ 320

Wellbeing assessment

Approx. duration 2 hrs 30 mins

£ 320

Behaviour assessment

Approx. duration 3 hrs

£ 320

Developmental screener for under 5's

Approx. duration 1 day

£ 425

Post Diagnosis Support

Approx. duration 1 hr 30 mins

£ 130

Post service support

Approx. duration 1 hr 30 mins

£ 130


Approx. duration 1 hr

£ 55

Irlen assessments

Approx. duration 1 hr 30 mins +

£ 90 +

JIAS assessment

Approx. duration Dependant on the individual

£ 470 +

Visiting from outside the UK?

We are happy to support families from outside of the UK. Please note that bibic’s service is funded for children living in the UK so those wishing to access our service from outside the UK will be charged at the full cost. For further details call 01458 253344.