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Split assessment

Our split assessment

Duration: 1.5 days

Family Contribution: £1135

This Includes:

A split assessment can be an alternative to the 2 day bibic assessment. This is achieved by booking two stand alone assessments. Initially, in most cases, a digital assessment which is approximately 3 hours and then an in person, 1 day assessment.

The digital assessment can include one or two of the following: ADHD and related needs, autism and related needs, sensory processing and related needs or wellbeing and related needs.

The 1 day assessment can cover areas such as underlying ability, language, working memory, processing and visual perception, however, the Therapist will choose the appropriate assessments and tests at their discretion and based on their professional judgement after the history element of the assessment.

Some families find that splitting the assessment is more manageable. This is a result of feedback from all the complete tests and the corresponding recommendations being spread out over two appointments. Digital assessment £510 plus 1-day assessment £625. Combined cost £1135

Key working

Families are provided with a designated period of bibic key working, determined based on their assessment. The specific duration and nature of these services are subject to the professional discretion of the therapist.

• Support with EHCP forms
• Attendance at Team Around the Child (TAC)/Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings
• One school meeting
• Feedback to a second parent

Some services are not included in key working and will come at additional cost, such as;

• EHCP/mediation meetings if not court requested
• Additional school/other professional meetings
• Letters, form filling (including DLA) and summary letters
• Feedback to additional family members.

For more information regarding prices or key working please feel free to speak to your keyworker or give the family services team a call on 01458 253344.