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Toubkal Trek and Marrakech

March 17, 2017

Imagine a land of snake charmers, fire eaters, camel herders, and desert and mountain nomads.  A land where…

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Cycle London to Paris – Tour de France

Join us on the ultimate London To Paris Tour de France Cycle challenge that will see you riding…

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English 3000s Challenge

You’ve heard of the Welsh 3000s…you may have even completed it.  Well, here’s a new challenge for you….

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Avon mega abseil challenge

Get ready for one of the biggest steps of your life, and a big adrenaline rush!  Stepping back…

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Super Hero Tri

March 13, 2017

Grab your cape & fundraise at SUPERHERO TRI! Dorney Lake, Windsor 19 August 2017 6 teams entries available (up to…

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