Andy Hirst

Corporate Development Officer

I have 30 years’ experience in retail trade, mostly as a buyer and over 15 years working in the charity sector. During my years in the charity sector I have worked with the homeless and in hospice care amongst others, developing myself by delivering training in money skills, carer support and understanding dementia.

As a fundraiser at bibic I work with businesses and community groups across the UK. Seeing the difference our therapists make through their work alongside families is just amazing.

Over 4 years ago I moved from North Lincolnshire to Somerset to be nearer our daughter which was probably the biggest and scariest thing I’ve done in a long while! My specialisms are never missing an opportunity and making things happen.

I believe in trying and testing things before asking others to do them, so far I have canoed around South Stack lighthouse in a gale, walked on hot coals, rowed across Windermere and skydived from 15,000 feet!

I love music (I play piano by ear), am passionate about rugby union and nature photography and I love cooking all types of food (I will even follow a recipe if it is written well!)