Charis Bugler

Developmental Therapist

My degree in Psychology sparked my passion to pursue a career in supporting those with various needs and their families. This advanced my knowledge of child development, mental health and my understanding of different disorders, and allowed me to specialise in Counselling and Forensic Psychology. Before joining bibic I worked as a Teaching Assistant at a primary school, with my main role being to work 1:1 with children with Special Educational Needs, supporting their social, emotional, behavioural and academic development and providing strategies to help support their day-to-day lives. My knowledge, experience and passion has allowed me to utilise my understanding of Psychology to provide the best care and support for those with developmental difficulties and their families. I am currently completing a Masters in Psychology to further expand my knowledge, and aim to use this to provide the best support to help children and young people thrive.

Outside of my career and education I like to engage in a range of interests, and am always enthusiastic to try out a something new. I spend most of my free time reading, cooking, drawing or watching the latest TV series.