Jess Peterson

Developmental Therapist

I have been a therapist at bibic since July 2018, before this, over the past twelve years, I have worked with children with a variety of difficulties. I worked in a specialist school provision supporting children and their families with profound multiple learning difficulties. This is a huge passion of mine, alongside communication and ensuring all children have a voice even through alternative methods if required. Every child has something to say and when they share it with us their voice is invaluable.

Through my work and having the fantastic opportunity to provide respite for families, I have had the true joy of seeing how a small amount of support or fun can make a huge difference to the child and their family.

In giving my skills, time and passion I am privileged to work with the most wonderful families and be rewarded with the amazing results that children can achieve with support. They are always a child and individual before their difficulties are taken into consideration meaning endless amounts of fun and opportunities are needed.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, cooking and spending valuable time with my family, friends and their children. When I’m not doing this, you may find me doing sports or challenging myself to do new and exciting things.