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Therapist’s favourite fiddle toys of Summer 2022

Our therapists share their favourite fiddle toys of summer 2022 and the reasons why they like them so much.

Tabby’s favourite fiddle toy is… Pop Tubes!

My favourite fiddle toy for this summer is the Pop Tube because they make an amazing noise and they’re great for fiddling as you can stretch them, squish them and bend them!” – Tabby

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Jessica’s favourite fiddle toy is… Water Bead Ball!

“These sensory water bead balls are great to squish and squeeze. They are super great for physical and emotional stress relief. Squeeze as hard as you can and boost your mood and energy.” – Jessica

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Chelsey’s favourite fiddle toy is… Pop Snappers!

“I love the sound and the proprioceptive feedback from squeezing it. I usually like having one in each hand.” – Chelsey

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Natalie’s favourite fiddle toy is…. Shawe Building Blocks!

“I like these as they are interactive and have multiple uses, not only do they provide something for the individual to fiddle with, they also can be used to construct different shapes. You can just fiddle with one of them, or two clicking them together or building with them.” – Natalie

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Claire’s favourite fiddle toy is… Tangle!

My favourite fiddle toy changes all of the time, but right now it’s the tangle, I enjoy moving it around and creating different shapes with it! – Claire

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Jess’ favourite fiddle toy is… Wooden Pebble!

“The pebble is a good alternative and can be brought or found on the beach, I like it as it provides calming input.” – Jess

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Clare’s favourite fiddle toy is… Magic Rainbow Ball!

“It’s so engaging and there’s a challenge and purpose to it, so it provides a really good break between doing activities during assessment.” – Clare

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Top tip – think outside the box!

The beauty blender is a plain alternative to squishy – a great way to provide calming input, as well as the silicone make up remover pad which also can fulfil sensory needs, both are great and a cheaper alternative!

If you would like to explore sensory more for your child or young adult, why not take a look at our sensory assessment?

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