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Top 5 book recommendations to understand Autism

Our bibic Therapist’s have put together a few book suggestions to support your child with understanding Autism for National Autism Acceptance Week…

1. The Superhero Brain

This story speaks to children who have autism, and explains to them what it means in a way that leaves them feeling empowered and able to make their dreams come true. The story refers to sensory issues as “special powers” and explains how living with autism can be awesome and at the same time also feel tricky sometimes.

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2. The Superhero Heart

This story speaks to children who are close to a child with autism; a brother, sister, cousin, friend or classmate. It explains how we are all different to each other, and how the sibling has special powers, which help them in the trickier moments where the child might feel rejection or find it hard to deal with a meltdown.

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3. My Awesome Autism

A beautifully, bright and sensory illustrated book! A little boy named Eddie who is autistic, shares his findings and teaches his readers in a cheerful playful way! Eddie helps all children learn about their Autism diagnosis and how “we are all different!”

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4. He’s Not Naughty

This distinctively illustrated book is a quick and quirky way to explain to friends and family why children with autism behave the way they do. Unique visuals provide a great sense of what it’s truly like to have autism, making this the perfect book for children aged 6 and up to learn about autism.

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5. Can You See Me?

When Libby’s mum shared a short piece of Libby’s writing online it soon went viral, with tens of thousands of people saying that Libby’s writing helped them understand Autism for the first time

This fictionalised portrayal of a young autistic girl is written by Rebecca Westcott, in close collaboration with Libby Scott, making it a truly original and inspirational book that will give readers of all ages a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be autistic.

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